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logo This brand new Team event for 2019 and will follow the 32 historical plaques located throughout Rayleigh, and is a social event for individuals andteams of up to 3 people.


Awesome inaugural Rayleigh Heritage Trail Race,

with such a lovely bunch of runners.


Thank you all.

Race Photographs here

See you next year.

Karl Cadman



You are invited to run, jog, walk or volunteer at this event.


UKA LICENCE 2019-36567


 Teams will be given random locations for Rayleigh Heritage Plaques, showing various points of historical interest. Teams must organise the best route for all locations, and then find, visit and take a selfie with their team at each location, returning to retrieve more locations as necessary.


We estimate the distance to complete the race will be 7-10 miles – if you don’t get too lost.

If you’re worried about the distance, although the total distance may be 7 miles it is broken up in 6 sets, so there is a recharge option when you get back to the start each time, to collect your next set.
Plus they’ll be clues to solve at each plaque so you’re not running flat out all the time.

Selfies optional, as you’ll need to answer specific clues at each location to prove you’ve visited. Penalties for incorrect answers.

Runners, joggers, walkers all welcome  and if you’re on your own, just enter and we’ll pair you up with two other runners.


Bonus points available per location.

Prizes for Quickest Team mixed team, Ladies team, most points per Team.

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Rayleigh High Street The Rayleigh Lodge
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All profits will go to The Rayleigh Museum.